Creating a Resume

If you’re applying for a job or working on college applications, you may have heard someone tell you that you’ll need to create a resume. Even students who are hoping to be selected for membership for NHS might find it useful to have a resume.

But what is a resume? Here’s a great article that explains what this document is and, more importantly, what it does.

Okay, so you know what a resume is. But how do you create one? Well, it turns out that Marshall students have access to a pretty powerful online resume builder. It’ll help you choose a template, add all the information you need, and ensure that it’s nice and cleanly formatted.

To access the tool, you’ll need to use this magic link. If you’re connected to the FCPS WiFi, this should take you directly to the page. If you’re trying to access the tool from home, you’ll probably need to enter a password. Go to the library’s database passwords page and find the one for Gale. That should get you in! (If you have any trouble accessing the passwords page, make sure you’re logged into your account and try again.)

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be on a page called Peterson’s Career Prep, and you should see an option to create a resume. Go ahead and click the green “Create” button. It’ll ask you to create an account, but don’t worry: it won’t cost you anything. After you create your account, you should be able to access the resume builder. Finished resumes can be downloaded as a PDF to share with employers, colleges, or even the NHS Faculty Council.

Finally, if you’re looking for a simpler tool that doesn’t require all those passwords and accounts, you can also use Google Docs to do it. Just click that link and scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions.

For more help with resume writing, applying for college, or finding a job, contact our school’s college and career specialist, Mr. Humphreys. He has lots of information to share on all these topics and also pointed out the tools that we’ve shared in this article.